Can-Am Precious Metals Exchange, Inc. is a financial institution registered with the Government of Canada, for the purpose of dealing with and exchanging international currency.

That currency being fine gold and silver with a fine content of .995 to .999 pure.  All gold and silver .999 content, certified for fineness by state of the art X-Ray Technology.

My name is Bernard Boudreau, president and sole owner of Can-Am Precious Metals Exchange Inc. I have bought, sold, traded, stored and exchanged precious metals (i.e. Gold and Silver) since 1977. I am well versed in current world politics and economies. I have a sound belief in the direction we are going.

The main function of this financial institution is to buy, sell, trade and exchange precious metals for any registered customer or investor.

I also provide professional evaluation of Canadian and World coins and paper currencies. All prices are based on current market value. Buyers of all karat gold and silver. This service is provided free of charge.

Due to the volatile nature of the demand of precious metals, inventories change daily. You will be contacted immediately and kept informed of any transaction affecting your request. All information provided is treated with the utmost of confidentiality. All armed security for the transfer or delivery of precious metals is provided by in house armed security officers.

Ever increasing demand to take physical possession of precious metals and the decreasing supply is going to force the physical bars and rounds to be bought and sold at a premium.

Many bars, wafers and rounds offered on the market are counterfeit or plated.
Can-Am Precious Metals Exchange is an authentic supplier of genuine, certified bars, wafers and rounds. We stand behind all that we sell or trade.